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This blog post is about a client of ours in Japan called

Japanese businesses need a way to communicate with customers from outside Japan, to learn about their problems, and to find out more about their needs.

I was invited to visit Worldjumper’s office in Tokyo in late Winter to help with a tool that could deliver rapid and easy localization at high speeds and very low cost.

Localization is interesting because businesses need to adapt and change their message to suit different regions, cultures and languages.

For example, the message “WorldJumper can make customer queries in any language understandable to a service person who speaks Japanese” would be a great message to convey (in the Japanese language) to a client in Japan.

But in China, that message should say (in the Chinese language) “WorldJumper can make customer queries in any language understandable to a service person who only speaks Chinese.”

Worldjumper can help customers there.  It can identify and prioritize messages that need localization and use crowd sourcing platforms to channel a huge volume of human effort to the task.

Worldjumper can also integrate very easily and quickly into a website.

If you are a product firm and have a website that needs to be readable in multiple languages, all you need to do is sign up for an account with Worldjumper and insert a snippet of HTML code into your website.

Now, your website will be readable in any language.

Moreover, you’ll be given a list of localization tasks, which you can manage directly from the Worldjumper console.

If you are a product firm, all you need to do to start selling your products to customers in countries where people speak languages that you do not understand, is take 5 minutes to insert the Worldjumper code into your website.

Once you have inserted the HTML, your site becomes multilingual.  There will also be a contact form for you that can convert customer inquiries into your language, and then convert your responses back into the customer’s own language.  I believe there are lots of plugins in the works – like chat tools and Facebook page plugins.

So, when you get a chance, do check out

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