Month: August 2010

Aiaioo World!

The default first post on WordPress goes ‘Hello world!’  I thought I’d keep to that general theme, but include the name of the lab in place of ‘Hello’, so it became ‘Aiaioo World!’

This is an introduction to the Lab, and the funky name, so it just seemed very apt.  Another reason for this seeming aptness (I was about to say ‘aptitude’) was that both Hello and Aiaioo are interjections.  An interjection is a part of speech.  Words of the same ‘part of speech category’ can be interchanged to create semantically meaningless but syntactically acceptable sentences.

However, the devil is in the semantics.  For example, both ‘aptness’ and ‘aptitude’ are nouns, but in the second sentence of this paragraph, aptness is more apt than aptitude!

So, back to Aiaioo!  Aiaioo is an interjection whose use seems to run across Asia, from China to India.  Actually, I should take that back.  I do not know if the word is used in the Koreas, Thailand, Vietman, Cambodia and any other country in Asia other than China and India.  So, what I have essentially done is generalized from a sample of two.  That’s a bad thing to do in pure statistical terms, because I have not smoothed my estimators and accounted for the sparseness of my data over the sample space.

Another thing you might have noticed is that the name of the firm is made up entirely of vowels!  Now that’s indeed very surprising!  There are not a lot of words (in English) that are that way.  How many vowels have I used?  In English I would count six.  In any of the languages of India, I would, most probably, count no more than three!