Can you find B2B prospects on Twitter?

This article was penned in response to a question that we came across on a LinkedIn group:  “Is anyone in B2B getting twitter right?”

We posted the following reply:

“It’s something we’ve been grappling with, as a social media marketing product vendor.

Time and again, we’ve had users come back to us to say that they can find leads on Twitter (with the help of the filtering methods that we offer), but that the inquiries and leads that they find do not turn into profitable sales (that they are low-value inquiries, in that they come from people who don’t have a lot of money to spend).

After a long period of study we believe we’ve found out the reason for that. We believe that the reason is just that when buyers have the money to spend and believe in the ROI enough to be willing to put down a good sum of money on it, they do their research over a search engine and then reach out to vendors directly.

It is *possible* that it is only people who can’t afford the better solutions or are not sufficiently convinced of their benefits to be willing to put down a lot of money on them, who advertise their needs on Twitter in the hope of finding inexpensive alternatives.

That being said, we find that B2B customers are definitely able to use Twitter to spread awareness about their products or solutions.

Spreading awareness helps because it increases the probability that a person with the means will know of your solution when they consider a purchase. It is also possible that your awareness campaign on Twitter might lead to someone realizing that they have a need.

So, in our work with Twitter, we focus on helping B2B firms run highly targeted and inexpensive (not very time consuming) campaigns to spread awareness about their products and solutions. Our customers do not have to spend too much time on their work on Twitter precisely because we provide them with tools to target prospects very precisely and help them execute automated strategies for educating prospects. But they all do put in about one man hour a day.

Can you find B2B prospects on Twitter? Yes of course! You’ll be surprised at how many business owners are on Twitter even in India. We usually run 24 hour studies for prospective customers, and I’ve never had trouble picking out a few hundred people who need to be included in an awareness campaign in that time.“

This article was also posted on the Selasdia product blog:

2 thoughts on “Can you find B2B prospects on Twitter?

  1. Hello,

    Great article.

    I’d like to get some advice from you on how to find prospects to interview for a platform we are building which connects sponsors with events.

    So in essence we need to interview companies which sponsors events.

    How do I find leads to interview.

    Many Thanks!

    Warm Regards

    1. Arvind,

      That looks like a problem that would be best solved by partnering with an event management company. You might then just get access through them to some of their customers.

      And if you have a good value proposition for the event management firm, they might just become your best sales channel for the product!

      Hope that helps.


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