I was browsing through an online news site when I chanced upon an article on Henri Christophe, an 18th century ruler of Haiti.

The author of the article had written the following about Haiti:

The end of French rule meant the colony of Saint Domingue, renamed Haiti after its original Taino Indian name, became the first black-led independent nation in the world.

The first black-led independent nation!??

What about the Mali empire?  He must have meant ‘in the New World’.

I remember another occasion when a friend from Cameroun said to me “Our Spanish teachers are not Occidentals.  They are all Camerounais.”

What he didn’t realise was that to me, Cameroun is also in the West.  So, someone from Cameroun is also a ‘Westerner’.

Life is all about points of view.

Someday, I hope we shall have developed tools that help us see the world as others do.

For the moment, I’d be very happy if GMail and WordPress would just stop yelling at me whenever I type the English word for something you see with your eyes as ‘colour’ and not ‘color’.  Changing the locale won’t help, because in India we sometimes spell it as ‘color’ and sometimes as ‘colour’.

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