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Understanding Customer Problems

We’ve written a little article that talks about practical applications of intention analysis. One of the biggest application areas we foresee is customer relationship management. A lot of what we’re writing about here needs to be verified and we’re still engaging CRM partners to validate many of the assumptions we’ve had to make. However, we feel there is no harm in discussing the general value proposition for customer issue management and analysis. So, here’s a link to a very wishy-washy concept paper:


The abstract:

There are many ways in which call center logs may be analysed, and the method
of analysis is mostly determined by the use-cases driving the analysis.
Call center analysis normally focuses on improving customer satisfaction and on
monitoring Quality of Service parameters, so most call-center data mining tasks
focus on customer satisfaction ratings, call pickup times, call throughput, and other
such structured parameters.

However, there are problems for which an analysis of structured data
might not suffice. One such problem might be identifying the main causes
that resulted in a call to a call center. The reason for this is that
the cause of a call is not a quantity that can be easily measured. The causes
of a customer call might however be possible to discover in the unstructured
data that is available in Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems used in call